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Marriott & Co. was established in 1987 as a firm of valuers and auctioneers of plant and machinery to provide a professional and independent service.

The practice offers an efficient and discrete service in matters concerned with the valuation and disposal of business assets, land and buildings and ongoing businesses. Marriott & Co.'s duty to act in the best interests of every client is of prime concern, and this duty together with its professional skills and knowledge ensures that clients receive sound and unbiased advice.

Clients benefit from the security provided by the practice’s membership of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, by which it is regulated.

RICS Rules of Conduct

The Five Professional and Ethical Standards

25 Years in Business

Gavin Marriott looks back at the very early days

25 years in business

Few who had an association with Robert Maxwell (deceased) – however tenuous – were unaffected by his behaviour in some way or another, and I was certainly no exception.

It was the late Robert Maxwell MC, former Member of Parliament, media proprietor and pension plunderer, who in 1986 – five years before he drowned in mysterious circumstances – was the cause of a fundamental disagreement between me and the firm for which I had worked for the previous decade. Sadly, it became clear that I had to leave that firm as a result.

With responsibilities for a young family, I should have sought a stable job elsewhere, but on Monday 2 February 1987, Marriott & Co. opened its door for business - with not one client to its name and with nothing to do but market its valuation and disposal services to the printing industry.

The first small instruction came ten days later, and very modest fees began to trickle in; the combined fee income for the months of February and March 1987 amounted to £632.50 which did not even cover the professional indemnity insurance cover!

As Thomas Jefferson once said “I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”. Despite hard work, the bank was not impressed - as indicated by its letter dated 17 March 1989 in which it reiterates its “right to seek repayment upon demand” and then helpfully states “…… we would not expect the overdraft facility to rise further and that an increase in fee income or a reduction in your withdrawals will be necessary to ensure profitable trading”.

It has to be admitted that this high-handed attitude towards Marriott & Co. in its early years ensured that the bank was paid off just as soon as possible. We are therefore very fortunate and find that not having to answer to lenders, or an office landlord, is of great psychological assistance to our independent professionalism.

We would be nowhere, however, without our loyal clients, and 25 years on we now embrace business assets from all industrial and commercial sectors on a global basis. Our clients will know that we have regarded every instruction as very precious - regardless of size, simplicity or complexity, and I take this opportunity to thank each and every client for the work with which they have entrusted us over the last 25 years.