Online Auction: A Screen Trupress Jet W3200UV HS wide format six colour and digital printing machine

A Screen Truepress Jet W3200UV HS wide format 3.2m width UV six-color + white digital flatbed printing machine by Inca Digital, serial no. 55047 (2015) with Inca 65000 Series roll to roll feed and delivery no. 65002 (2015). Fitted with lifting brackets secured for removal (the purchaser of this lot will be required to provide a removal method statement) THIS LOT WAS PREPARED FOR REMOVAL AND TRANSPORTED BY SCREEN IN MARCH 2017, THE SCREEN ENGINEER SPENT A TOTAL OF 6 DAYS AND USED 10L OF TP UV FLUSHING SOLUTION. IT HAS BEEN IN STORAGE SINCE MARCH 2017.

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Bidding closes from 3pm Wednesday 27 March 2019.

Viewing available by appointment in Hook. Please call 012352 712 083 for an appointment to view.

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