Tender Sale: The Business Assets of The Bloomsbury Distillery Limited

By Order of The Bloomsbury Distillery Limited (‘the company’ and ‘the seller’) and its advisors, Marriott & Co. (‘ the agent’) offer for Sale by Tender:

Such right, title and interest the company may have in its Business Assets, which we understand to be:
• Lot 1 – Goodwill and Intellectual Property
• Lot 2 – Stock of Cubana and Yamakara Products
• Lot 3 – Stock of Amer, Peated Vodka and Pastis Product
• Lot 4 – Distillery Equipment
• Lot 5 – Premises Lease
• Lot 6 – Lots 1-5, inclusive
• Lot 7 – Lots 1-4, inclusive

Company Information
Founded in 2015, The Bloomsbury Distillery Limited is a London based company specialising in distillation, rectifying and blending of spirits. The Company produced complex and unique rare spirits through their unique distillation process.
Turnover to year-end January 2020: £452,089.
Employees: 3 (distiller now redundant and two employees remain).
Leased Premises: Unit 1, 22 Pakenham Street, London WC1X 0LB.
The Company has now ceased trading and we offer for sale its business assets either as a whole or as individual lots. Upon completion of a sale of the business assets, the Limited company will be placed into Liquidation.
For the avoidance of any doubt, this is an asset sale, not a shares sale.

Please see the following Prospectus for further details.

Please note: All bidders will need to sign an NDA prior to receiving additional information, such as full accounts and the company’s current lease assignment document

For further information or to request an NDA please email sales@marriottco.co.uk

Click here to bid. Bidding closes at 4pm Wednesday 20 January 2021

Location: London
Viewing: Strictly By Appointment Only
Collection: Strictly By Appointment Only

Notice To Purchasers

All bids are made in accordance with the Marriott & Co. conditions of sale, as viewed on this website, and subject to an additional 15% buyer’s premium and VAT.

Please note that duty is payable by the purchasers of any alcoholic product.  Such duty that is payable is expressly excluded from any offers.