Compulsory Purchase Orders

As compulsory purchase orders for projects such as HS2 become more common place, many business owners are finding that their business premises may be one of the casualties.

If your business or your client’s business is eligible for compensation or requires a sale of the business assets on an extinguishment basis, then Marriott & Co. can help.

Our experienced, impartial and RICS registered team of Valuers are qualified to provide compulsory purchase order plant & machinery valuations that businesses can rely on when submitting their compensation claims. Our Valuers prepare their valuations in accordance with the RICS Red Book, so clients can be assured of the ‘gold’ standard required by our professional body and be confident that the reports will stand up to any scrutiny from the relevant authorities. We can also provide valuations of your business’s goodwill for compulsory purchase order purposes.

Equally, our excellent disposal team can sell your plant & machinery and business assets, in very short order if required, to achieve the highest possible realisation for business extinguishment purposes. Our team recently handled the valuation and online auction sale of business assets from a well-known commercial laundry business in West London, as part of its compensation claim following its compulsory purchase order from HS2, achieving a terrific realisation for the assets and a great result for our client.

Our team understand that businesses facing compulsory purchase orders are often  undergoing a stressful and upsetting time and we strive most of all to make the process of valuing and selling of business assets and plant & machinery as smooth as possible. Our Valuation & Disposal teams can be relied upon to act with the utmost integrity, discretion and professionalism. If you require some advice on a compulsory purchase order affecting your business or think you might require our services in this matter and would like a no obligation discussion, please do call the office today on 01252 712 083.