Machinery & Business Asset Auctions & Disposals


Insolvency Practitioner, Engineering – June 2021

Thanks very much for everything you have done. You have been very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

London Government Body

"It has been a pleasure working with you."

Private valuation client

The RICS designation assured me of a quality of professional service. My son was able to successfully negotiate the purchase of the plant & machinery you valued so we are very grateful for your professional input throughout.


Marriott & Co. have over 70 years’ experience managing plant & machinery auctions. Our disposal and marketing team possess a strong understanding of business asset disposals across many industries, from printing to construction.

We sell client’s plant & machinery and other business assets by online auction, private treaty and sealed bid tender sales.

Every sale is given expert and tailored consideration. As a result every business asset is effectively and efficiently marketed. We therefore achieve great results for our clients, ensure maximum realisations for their business assets and provide an excellent level of customer service.

We market our plant & machinery auctions and business asset sales  to bespoke mailing lists, which includes an exclusive and international buyer database. Our marketing also includes the uses of online and print trade press advertisements, press releases,  social media and industry related website posts. We consult clients every step of the way with a full marketing programme sent for their approval, prior to any commencement of marketing.

Marriott & Co. use an online auction software system administered by Sensible Development to effectively manage our plant, machinery and business asset sales.  Visit to view current sales.

Marriott & Co. regularly undertake plant & machinery auctions, private treaty sales, and sealed bid tender sales for the following industries:

  • Agricultural plant
  • Catering equipment
  • Construction plant
  • Engineering and metal work
  • Food and drink processing plant and machinery
  • Goodwill and intellectual property
  • Hospitality equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Office equipment
  • Printing and paper making equipment
  • Security printing equipment
  • Woodworking machinery

We also frequently manage sales of private collections. For example, recent sales have included barn finds and marine equipment.

Our independence, integrity and experience ensures we provide the best sales solutions for business assets and our clients subsequently come back to us time and time again.

To talk to a member of our disposal and marketing team about selling your assets please call 01252 712 083 or email

In addition, we regularly undertake business sales, selling companies or business assets as going concerns. Visit our Business Sales page for further information.

If you are interested in our regular plant and machinery auctions please register here, and information about upcoming sales will be sent to you by email. You can also keep an eye on our Current Sales page.