Printing Plant and Machinery: Valuation and Disposal


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"All the Director has done is sing your praises, commenting on how clever and professional you are, which we already knew."

Insolvency Practitioner, Engineering – June 2021

Thanks very much for everything you have done. You have been very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Marriott & Co. specialise in the valuation and disposal of printing plant & machinery and have done so for over 30 years.

We provide valuations of your printing machinery or business for insurance, collateral or disposal purposes. Our specialist disposal and marketing team also assist with the disposal of your printing plant & machinery, whether by online auction, tender sale, or by sale of the business as a going concern. We provide independent and expert service throughout the valuation and/or disposal process.

The practice is  RICS regulated, and has two professional RICS Registered Valuers – Gavin Marriott and Thomas Allman. They both specialise in printing machinery and printing business valuations. The practice’s library of printing equipment and cost prices supports their work. Furthermore, Marriott & Co. possess a unique database of printing equipment market evidence. This is gathered from its own and its contemporaries’ auction sales.

The practice’s appointment as Specialist Printing Valuers has included site surveys of printing equipment around the world. Marriott & Co. have in fact carried out print machinery valuations in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Australasia. These have incorporated multi-million-pound printing plant valuations and instructions from many ‘blue-chip’ companies within the printing industry. The practice surveys printing machinery used in:

  • security printing
  • newspaper and magazine printing
  • papermaking
  • packaging
  • digital and general printing

In addition, the practice surveys all the pre-press, finishing equipment and general equipment associated with the industry.

As professional Auctioneers, Marriott & Co. are experts in the marketing and disposal of used printing machinery. Its experienced sales team achieve the best realisations – whether for a well-known Heidelberg multi-colour sheet-fed lithographic press, or a less well-known multi-unit web-offset press, or rather more obscure assets such as the business goodwill.

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